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Equity Release

The Benefits of Equity Release

After many years of hard work and building a home, it may now be time to enjoy some of the gains from probably your largest asset.

Homeowners are now able to enjoy the fruits of their labour and release cash from their home. There are many reasons that you may wish to do this:

  • You may have an Interest only mortgage approaching the end of its term and you are near retirement and want to clear the mortgage without moving house.
  • You may wish to clear debts and have little or no Mortgage.
  • You may have limited pension income
  • You may need to improve or adapt your property in later life
  • You may need to carry out necessary home maintenance.
  • You could also help your children get on to the property ladder
  • Or even buy a property in the sun
  • Holiday of a lifetime to celebrate retirement
  • Potential IHT saving.

Interest on the equity released funds can be rolled up or paid each month if you wish to protect your estate from erosion.


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